1. Thanks for stopping by! My name is Sherdellah Anunciado, graphic design guru and owner of Sherdellah Designs. After earning my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from San Diego State University, I worked as a production designer and studio manager for 5 years before finally spreading my wings.
  2. I am a graphic designer, a creative, a coffee, tea and smoothie nut. Friends often call me, nerd. When you can’t find me at Starbucks, I like spending my non-working hours catching up on Nat-Geo documentaries, relaxing at the movies, or burning calories at the gym or outdoors with my better half, Darryl.
  3. I absolutely love making ideas come to life! I give business owners and couples peace of mind with my custom and personal design process. I thrive off the experience of connecting people together!
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  5. Disclaimer: Sherdellah Designs is not affiliated with the Starbucks Corporation in any way, whatsoever. I’m just merely an avid coffee consumer (aka caffeine addict), discovering and loving the various barista spellings of my unique name.